5 Tips to Thaw Frozen Water Pipes in Winter

In areas where the temperature is frequently below freezing the repair of frozen pipes becomes commonplace. Each year, thousands of homeowners seek out a plumber to repair freezing water lines. A frozen pipe means the water being unavailable for not only drinking, but also for cooking routinely as also washing and other everyday choresToronto plumbers.

Finding a solution to this issue through an experienced plumbing service is always recommended in case you are looking for strategies to melt your pipes of frozen water on the move, you can read the tips below.

  1. 1.Be sure your pipe isn’t damaged because of the freezing process.Water freezing can cause its expansion , which ultimately leads to cracks within the pipe. If your pipe is cracked it is recommended to repair or replace it with an experienced plumber. The majority of pipes in use today don’t break, but simply become blocked.
  2. 2.When you’ve confirmed that your pipe doesn’t have a cracks or crevices, stop the flow of water in the pipe.For those who live in old homes might have to shut off the main water supply, for new construction homes, homeowners are able to separate the frozen pipe from the other water supply by using a shut-off valve.
  3. 3.Then, you must open every faucet that is attached to your frozen pipe.This will help you remove the cold, icy water in the pipe. After the pressure has subsided within the pipe and has been reduced, allow the frozen water to release from the pipe.
  4. 4.To melt the frozen core of the pipe, many plumbing companies recommend wrapping an old towel over the pipe, then sprinkle hot water.This will provide warmth to the pipe and melt hard pieces of ice. It is also possible to utilize an electric dryer that blows warm air on the portion of the pipe which is frozen to help melt it.
  5. 5.To defrost the remainder of a water pipe that is frozen you can also put the heater of a small area near the pipe, turn it on, and then leave it on for at least one hour.This will supply enough of heat to defrost the parts that are frozen the most pipe. Be aware when using this room heat.

Professional plumbers also stress the necessity of using electrical pipe heating tapes for thawing the frozen pipes of water. Many people also use pipes torches to accomplish this however in the instances that it is ABS or PVC pipe they are not very effective. If you find nothing helpful, call for frozen pipe repair with an experienced plumber.

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