Different Types of Wood Floor Explained

You can categorize wooden floors in many ways. You can categorize these floors based on their material type, form, and the layout. These are the primary categories that can be categorized. The amount of traffic that the flooring receives over its lifetime and the degree of punishment it is subject to will determine what type of flooring is suitable for our homes.

There are three main types of wooden flooring: maple, walnut and oak. There are other hardwoods that can be used to make flooring. Flooring materials can include teak and exotic varieties. This category includes pine wood even though technically it is a softwoodparquet flooring London.

Wood floors can be divided based upon the type of flooring material used. The three main types are engineered, acrylic-impregnated or solid wood. The solid wood can simply be defined as a single piece. The engineered flooring, however, is made up of thin layers of hardwood. This type of flooring can be used in areas that require greater support for weight and force. Acrylic-impregnated flooring is a combination between solid timber and acrylic. This combination creates a strong floor material that can withstand very heavy human traffic.

Another way to categorize wood flooring material is by its dimensions and how it is laid on the floor. Wood floor can also be available in long strips. These are usually made up of pieces of wooden flooring material with widths between 1.5 and 2.25 inches. Planks can also be classified under this category. This wood floor material looks very similar to wood strips. The only difference is the fact that the former are more wide than the latter. The parquet wood floor is the last. These are tiny, intricate pieces of wood that are laid in a symmetrical fashion and decorated with attractive geometric patterns.

Installation method is also a factor in determining the classification of wood flooring material. Wood flooring may be attached to subflooring. This type is attached with staples, glue, or nails. A floating wood floor is another type. This hardwood flooring is not attached to the ground beneath it. Instead, a layer with foam underlay has been placed on top. Then the wood pieces are laid on top.