How Online Games by Hipe Can Help You Destress

Studies show that over 80% of workers in the USA and China are stressed about their daily activities, and about half of them admit that they need to play a game to relieve stress. Seventy-five percent of adults experience high or moderate levels of stress, and one in seven people suffer from anxiety or panic disorders. Stress is also one of the leading health concerns for US and Australian teens, and a good way to deal with it is to play relaxing games.

Relaxing games

Video games are commonly associated with high-stress action-adventure and realtime strategy games. These titles are often very intense and stressful and can leave many would-be gamers discouraged. However, there are many relaxing games out there. A recent study suggests that playing a relaxing game can have a positive impact on the gamer’s wellbeing.

Some of the most relaxing games are those that are based around an idea of escape. The game Stardew Valley is one such example. The game’s premise is an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life. It captures the romanticism of small-town farm life in every beautiful second.

The best relaxing games can vary in difficulty and appeal, but most of them tend to have simple worlds and puzzles without a lot of stressful scenes or violent gameplay. A simple puzzle game like Tetris can be a great way to relieve stress and get back in the game mood. This classic game is available for mobile devices and online, and players can work their way up to the level that best suits their skills.

Zen mode

Hipe’s Zen mode is designed to help you de-stress by incorporating subliminal positive affirmations, fine aural tones, and breath modulation. It’s not just about playing the game endlesslyPragmatic Play, though. Players are encouraged to match their breathing patterns with those on the game’s tracking line, which slows down as they progress.

Alto’s Adventure, an endless snowboarding odyssey set in a tranquil wilderness, has recently been updated in the App Store with a new feature called Zen Mode. This new mode provides a completely dedicated experience that helps you unwind. This update also adds a photo mode that helps players capture the beautiful scenery. It’s a big update for the game, but existing players can take advantage of it as well.

Cooperative gaming

Cooperative gaming is an effective method to relieve stress and create positive feelings among players. It can be played on handheld devices, computers, or social networks. Some games are designed specifically for this purpose. Unlike traditional competitive games, in which players compete against each other, cooperative games require players to cooperate in order to achieve their common goal. This way, players can experience both positive and negative outcomes as a team. In addition, some games teach players biofeedback, meditation, and other stress management techniques.

One of the biggest benefits of cooperative games is that they are fun. In contrast, competitive activities are deflating and depressing. They can also lead to spats and tantrums. In addition, competitive activities can cause players to become angry and irritable. In contrast, cooperative games encourage players to restore their natural feelings of joy and happiness, resulting in more positive relationships and less stress.

Stress management

Hipe has designed online games for people to learn how to cope with stress. The games are designed to improve your brain’s response to stress, while providing relaxation. Stress is a subjective experience, and different people react differently to it. Some common symptoms include social withdrawal, anger, and mood swings. Stress can also negatively affect your health and wellness.

One study has found that playing games can help you reduce your stress levels. The study was conducted in undergraduate students, and it shows that a majority of them are gamers. According to a Pew Research Center survey from 2008, 57% of people in higher education play video games regularly. The figure rises to 76% among current college students. This shows that playing video games is becoming a popular pastime and stress reliever.