How to Earn by Playing Online Gaming

There are a lot of ways to make money while playing online games. These methods do not require you to be an expert gamer. You can play these games from any internet connected PC. You can use YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, or GamerGate. In addition, you do not have to own expensive gaming equipment.


There are a number of ways to earn from online gaming. One way is to become a streamer. This is a great way to gain recognition, and you can even upload your content to YouTube. Another way to make money from gaming is to become a

content creator. For example, if you love PC games, you can help others by giving advice on best builds, new releases, and upcoming deals. This advice can be given through 1-on-one consultations, social media accounts, and authority websites.


If you have the ability to live stream video games, you can leverage your passion for gaming into a side income. Though it’s a relatively new idea, video gaming live streaming is a great way to make money while playing games. One of the largest video streaming services, Twitch, judi idn poker allows amateur and professional gamers to live stream their game play and earn cash.


GamerGate is a movement that advocates for the inclusion of women in gaming, and has become a controversial topic of debate in the video gaming community. Although it’s small in size relative to the overall gaming population, the GamerGate movement has generated a great deal of controversy. For example, the Web site Gamasutra was criticized for linking to the #GamerGate hashtag. It later apologized and said it was unaware of the movement. But GamerGate hasn’t cooled off, and users continue to organize e-mail campaigns against advertisers.

Other ways to make money

You may not realize it, but there are other ways to make money by playing online games. One way is by selling in-game items. Selling these items may not be allowed by the game’s terms of service, but you can still make some money. You can sell them on sites like PlayerAuctions, which connect buyers and sellers. Remember, though, that games are supposed to be fun, not a way to make money.