How to improve the chances of getting a personal loan?

Personal loans are a highly preferred type of loan. Such loans are available at a low rate of interest, with no collateral, and flexible tenure of repayment. It makes this loan type more convenient to aid in people’s financial emergencies. Many agencies are good at money lending in Tanjong Pagar.

Before borrowing, applicants should remember that ultimately, they have to repay the amount so one should take only that amount which could be repaid by them within a decided time frame, according to their income.

Apart from repayment, there are some more aspects that lenders analyse to decide whether to approve your loan or not.

Discussed below are some of the aspects that help to get the loan approved.

Be good at credit score

Credit scores play a role in determining whether you will get a personal loan or not. They act like a financial image. A trick to improving credit score is to borrow some cheap loans and repay them on time. It is advised to always pay off all your loan instalments on time for availing a good credit score. If you get a raise in income, you can also ask for an increase in your score limit. These factors add to your chances of loan approval.


The balance between Debts and Income

The lender always reviews your application and analyses whether you are capable of paying back the amount or not. This includes the amount of debt on you and the amount you earn i.e. the income.

To get your loans approved, pay off debt at the earliest. Secondly, try to balance your debt with your income.

Ask for a small amount

If you directly ask for crores, when you only require a few lakhs to fulfil your need, it sends the wrong signal. It may be the end of the road for you. Also, applying for a huge amount has the risk of creating an unbalanced budget, making repayment of the same a task beyond your reach. It often leads to bankruptcy.


Find the Right lender

With correct documents, a good credit score and a repayment history, you also need a good lender. Compare the rate of interest, GST charges and other variables of all the available loan types. Enquire about all the details about tenure, risks associated and scenarios in case of failure of timely repayment. It helps in making the final decision.



There is no magic mantra for getting a personal loan approved, but the right steps and awareness to complete the process at the earliest are some helping factors.

As discussed, following the points mentioned above can increase the chances of getting your loan approved.

Always maintain good payment history, annual income, and balance between your debts and income. These are the desirable factors looked for by lenders before granting loans.