Infrared light therapy for preventative purposes

The horse’s neck and back are crucial for its performance. Athletic performance is dependent on the health of the neck and back.

Infrared light therapy is a great way to keep your horse happy and healthy. Infrared light therapy’s warming and stimulating properties prevent DOMS. They also clear out natural toxins from the muscles such as lactic acid. This helps to keep muscles flexible and relaxed. You can use infrared light therapy every day because it has virtually no side effects and there are very few risks. It doesn’t require any prescriptions so you can use it even if your horse is competing at regulated events. Infrared therapy can also be used on a few days or for as long as twenty-four hours.

What equipment do you need?

The application of infrared radiation over a large area is required to treat the neck and back of the horse. There are many options available, depending on what you have and your budget best infrared heating pad.

Prolotex: Prolotex uses bio ceramic technology which is composed of a combination of chemicals that naturally emit infrared radiation. Prolotex produces rectangular leg wraps, for use under bandages for leg injuries. Although you can use the bandages to cover other areas, it is harder to keep them in place. They are also economical and do not require any additional base units. Prolotex leg wraps have chemicals that are deeply embedded in the fabric. They don’t rub off and won’t wash out.

Revit vet IR2 – The Revit vet IR2 uses real LED lights to emit infrared. You can then pinpoint the area you wish to treat and adjust the wavelengths to allow for less or more tissue penetration. This is especially useful if you need to penetrate large, dense muscles. Although it is more expensive than bio ceramics and requires a larger investment, once you have the base unit you can purchase additional treatment units such as a poll cap or back pad. You don’t have to plug the unit in when it’s mounted on your horse. However, it is rechargeable, so you don’t need to charge it every time you use it.

Thermotex: Thermotex uses infrared that is electrically generated to produce therapeutic heat and penetration. Theormotex has a higher intensity than bio ceramics. However, the downside to this is that it must be plugged in and the horse should always be near an electric outlet. Thermotex makes a blanket-type unit for treating the hindquarters and back.

No matter what type of equipment, infrared can be used for routine treatment or preventive care, as well as injury management. Infrared can also be used to treat injuries on horses or other areas. Infrared equipment is a valuable tool in your horse and training care.