New Netsuite and Lightspeed integrations announced by Patchworks

Patchworks is excited to announce a brand new integration between Netsuite and  , which will allow clients to see a holistic view of their business without having to log into two separate systems.

Patchworks’ integration uses a single cloud platform to present the two systems, and automates data input tasks while minimising overselling.

As an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP),  ecommerce integration platform Netsuite runs all of your key back-office and financial operations such as order and product management.

Lightspeed, however, is a point-of-sale software (POS) which provides payment flexibility, customer profiles and inventory management tools.

By using Patchworks’ Netsuite and Lightspeed integration, these systems can communicate with each other, meaning your back-office ERP always knows what’s going on in your store.

CEO of Patchworks, David Wiltshire, said: “We’re really looking forward to seeing this connection go live.

“By integrating their Netsuite ERP and Lightspeed POS, clients can get an easy and streamlined view of their business covering both back-end operations and what’s happening in their storefront.”

If you’re interested in integrating your ERP and POS, or have any questions regarding integrations, Patchworks has a dedicated round-the-clock team to guide you through the process.